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Software engineers outstaffing and offshore development



(Augmented teams)

You have excellent developers but you need more professionals quickly. Just tell us your expectations


(Off-shore development)

You want to concentrate on product and marketing, not production. Perfect, let's meet with your product owner and we will cover your software production


You are not satisfied with the amount of technical debt, bugs, and security issues in your product? Senior developers and leads are too shy to teach juniors? Let us help you with automated ALM and DevOps best practices

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Technical expertise


Application lifecycle management consulting

Complete ALM implementation with Visual Studio Team Services from requirements management till continuous integration and continuous deployment.


Presentational cms-based website development

Using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento (Certified Developers), Orchard Core.


Back-end applications and services development

Expertise in Java, PHP, Go, C#, F#, Node.js, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Classic.

Extreme experience in authentication servers and SSO architecture design and implementation using OpenId Connect.


Cloud architecture design and development

Migrate on-premise to cloud with Microsoft Azure MVPs and Amazon (AWS) cloud architects.


Single page web applications development

Choose from Angular 6, Aurelia, Vue, React, Blazor, Bolero. Of course, we can suggest the most suitable.


Game design and development

2D, 3D, VR, and AR game and entertainment solutions from an idea, to design, till publishing and support.


Software security audit

Implementing secure software engineering in teams augmented by our cybersecurity engineers. Full cycle audit from vulnerability identification to security issue fixes assurance and OWASP ASVS Level 2 certification.


Native mobile development

iOS and Android native apps with Swift, Objective C, Kotlin and Java.

Cross-platform and native apps with Xamarin C# and F#.

Windows UWP and Tizen.


Software UI and UX design

Modern user-friendly conversive designs for web and mobile.

Great cases for conferences, companies presentation, deluxe shops, CMS, LOB apps.


Case studies

Aistant logo


How we set up an efficient ALM process in Azure and designed architecture in AI startup using just launched ASP.NET Core 2.0 technology. More...

Colibri logo


How we modernized legacy Azure-hosted multi-tenant ERP product, implemented 2-factor authentication, and prepared app to security certification. More...

Greenlight logo

Quest.gl, Green Light Solutions s.r.o.

How we augmented ISV teams with mobile software architects and developers to start development on time, set up and design suitable architecture, and develop a new project with a budget. More...

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